Peace Park in Korea

A 13 year-old boy from Ridgeland, Mississippi is trying to persuade the leaders of North Korea, South Korea, and China and even the U.S to help the two Koreas to make peace and reunite. He protested inTiananmen Square holding a sign that said “peace treaty” and “nuclear free DMZ children’s peace forest”. Less than a minute later, police officer grabbed his sign and waved away watching journalists, who had been contacted by his family ahead of time. Lastly my opinion of the story is that the kid has a great point in his protest but its going to be hard to change something that has been there for so long and also to change something so silent to something that resembles a park. So now i want to know your opinion do you think his protest will work?

#3 The Best Challenge So Far

The best challenge so far is the most recent one we did the privacy one on facebook. I enjoyed it most because it involves basically everyone in our school and it was a chance to see all the different ways to change your privacy settings on facebook. This helps kids keep things like pictures and posts kept from people who they dont want to see it out on the internet. I enjoyed it most because it implies to me and that night when i got home i changed my privacy settings on my facebook.

Leaving a Postive Digital Footprint

You want to leave a positive digital footprint you have to leave your personal information about yourself of the internet like your address and phone number. When I fill out information to sign up for things on the internet ill fill out my name, age, gender, e-mail, and depending of what for on rare occasions i put my address. Some places i can be found on are Facebook, Myspace, Gmail, and Hotmail ect.

Top five best movies

Top five best



I have this movie in my top ten because it has quite a bit of action. Also it has a good story line. Lastly because i liked all the stories all game together in the end.


avatar I liked the 3-D the best it was very amazing in that aspect. Other wise the animation to create the na ‘vi was also cool. Lastly the whole movie was great and the story line was perfectally understandable.

To Save A Life

to save a life The story of the movie is the best part because of the meaning of it. Also the story makes a good comparison to high schools now. Lastly is the actors make the story very convincing.

The Transformers Movies

transformersThis a good movie because the animation that they did. The whole movie it was like it was real. Also the actors did a good job.

The Hangover


This was the funnist movie ive seen in a                                                                                                                                                                                                                 long time. The actors were hilarious.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     They have some crazy moments.

A School Day

My schools first bell is at 7:55 and then at 8:05 we have to be in class. So that means we get ten minutes for putting our books in our lockers and getting to class in the morning. We have 8 periods in our day. We get choices between Challenge (if your elligeble) ,French, Spanish, Digital Media, Keyboarding, Industrial Tech, and 21st Century Living. Each class period is around 45 minutes. In the morning I usually get to school by my mom. Lastly the after school activities inclued: Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Wreastling, and Track.


The Game was the first site and I left a comment on the “Comments and Feelings of the Trip” post. Next I got to and I commented on Candy (and lots of it!). Lastly I got to was and I left a comment on the Tail (Tale) of Desperaux.